Filton Avenue, Lockleaze Area Parking Review

Closed 1 Apr 2011

Opened 11 Mar 2011

Results updated 22 Jun 2011

In total we received 36 responses to the consultation, the large proportion of which were concerned about the impact of the proposals on Downend Road. The responses have now been reviewed and the comments used to develop a revised set of proposals.

The related files below are plans of the revised proposals. 10TM047-SK11 covers the area north of Lockleaze Road and 10TM047-SK12 covers the area south of Lockleaze Road. Also attached is a table that summarises the more general comments that were received and which includes the Traffic Management Team’s response.

We will be holding a public meeting at Jack Night House, Dovercourt Road on Wednesday 20th July 2011 at 7pm for residents of Dovercourt Road and Downend Road who would like to discuss the traffic and parking issues in the area in more detail. As well as officers from the Traffic Management Team, representatives of the Cycling City team who worked on the development of the new cycle link to Muller Road, will be attending.



A review of parking restrictions in area of Lockleaze east of Filton Avenue has been identified as a local traffic scheme priority for the by the Horfield and Lockleaze Neighbourhood Partnership. The consultation leaflets available below provide details of proposals for parking restrictions that will improve visibility and access at junctions and pinch points in the area

Why your views matter

To seek local residents views and comments on the proposed restrictions.


  • Lockleaze


  • All residents
  • Community & Voluntary organisations


  • Planning
  • Traffic and transportation