Cycle Contra Flows, Clifton

Closed 7 Aug 2017

Opened 11 Jul 2017


As part of the Bristol City Council’s long-term commitment to improving sustainable transport we would like to safely increase the number of routes available for cyclists throughout the Bristol area. One-way streets can cause significant problems for cyclists if they are forced to use more circuitous and hazardous alternative routes, as a result this can be a deterrent to cycle use. Contra flows can decrease journey time compared to a car which can only travel in one direction. This can make cycling a good alternative to driving and can reduce the desire to cycle on the pavement.

Why We Are Consulting

The Central, Clifton and Harbourside Neighbourhood Partnership have selected 3 schemes to allow cycling contra flow in Clifton as one of their priority traffic schemes. These are: Oakfield Road, Clifton Road and Lower Clifton Hill, and we are seeking resident’s and other highway users views on this design in order to determine the final design.


  • Central
  • Clifton
  • Clifton Down


  • All residents
  • Business


  • Traffic and transportation