Cairns Road and Halsbury Road Pedestrian Improvements

Closed 23 Aug 2015

Opened 22 Jul 2015

Results updated 28 Apr 2016

The public consultation took place in July 2015 to which 9 responses were received. All generally supported the scheme but some issues were raised about loss of parking, the positioning and size of the proposed tree pit and the island.

The consultation report and the revised scheme drawing are attached.

The detailed design is now being finalised and preparations made to commence construction.




The Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership have selected a scheme to improve the junction of Cairns Road and Halsbury Road and we are seeking resident's views.

The aim of the scheme is to provide better pedestrian crossing facilities and reduce the speed of vehicles entering Halsbury Road. Residents have complained about vehicles turning in on the wrong side of the road and the danger for pedestrians and other motorists.

Why your views matter

This consultation offers the opportunity to local residents to comment on the proposals and help shape the final deisgn.

What happens next

Subject to the outcome of this consultation, further detailed work will be carried out, where consideration can be given to the comments sbumitted.


  • Redland


  • All residents


  • Traffic and transportation