20mph Limits Review

Closed 31 Aug 2018

Opened 20 Jun 2018


We are seeking your views on how the 20mph speed limit operates in practice. The aim of the 20mph review is to identify whether any localised adjustments are needed to the 20mph speed limit across the City in order to improve its effectiveness.

In each area there are a number of roads that have been identified for review from information gathered through Councillors, the public and stakeholders and through the UWE Monitoring Report, since the introduction of the scheme in 2012.

Changes to speed limits (whether upwards or downwards) would only be considered where supported by evidence, made up of 3 aspects:
a) public opinion/perspective/experience
b) changes to roads/environments/ landuse
c) speed data

Any changes to speed limits would be subject to a formal statutory consultation before implementation.


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  • Traffic and transportation