Silverthorne Lane Conservation Area Character Appraisal Consultation

Closed 19 Feb 2021

Opened 8 Jan 2021


The Silverthorne Lane area in St Philips, Bristol has significant architectural and historic interest and is being considered for designation as a new conservation area for Bristol.

Conservation areas are beneficial for the social and cultural identity of the area and help protect historic character and features. Development within a designated conservation should be considered against and retain the area’s special interest, character and appearance. Existing buildings in a designated conservation area are not automatically heritage listed although they can be in their own right. In fact, many of the buildings in the Silverthorne Lane area are already on the national heritage list maintained by Historic England.

Silverthorne Lane area is part of the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone. The character appraisal and following designation as a conservation area, if approved, will ensure that the important historic character of the area is given due consideration in future developments.

We are now inviting feedback on the draft character appraisal for the area and the proposed designation as a conservation area.

Silverthorne Lane Character Appraisal

In 2006, English Heritage published Guidance on Conservation Area Appraisals detailing best practice on conducting an assessment of an area’s significance.

A character appraisal has been undertaken of the Silverthorne Lane area to establish formally the heritage significance and to establish the boundaries of the proposed conservation area.

The draft Conservation Area Character Appraisal identifies the positive characteristics of the area, the historic background and any issues that need to be considered when changes are made to the area.  The appraisal also identifies ‘neutral or negative features’ that stand out against the local character, and proposes how positive change can be made through development management and community involvement.

The draft Silverthorne Lane Conservation Area Character Appraisal can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

The map below shows the area proposed for conservation area designation.

Other work in this area, not part of this consultation

The proposed Silverthorne Lane conservation area is part of the Temple Quarter/St Philips Marsh regeneration project set to transform the area over the next 25 years. In total, over 100 hectares of brownfield land will be redeveloped to create a sustainable, well-connected new urban area which will provide 22,000 new jobs, create over 10,000 homes and provide a £1.6bn annual boost to the region.

The area will also have a focus on digital and technology innovation, forged around the new University of Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus on the opposite side of the Feeder Canal to the Silverthorne Lane area. 

Existing third party proposals for the Silverthorne Lane area include a development by Square Bay to create residential, student accommodation, employment and a secondary school. The planning approval was called-in by the Secretary of State in December 2020 and will be the subject of a public inquiry in 2021.

Bristol City Council will engage with residents and businesses on the wider plans for Temple Quarter in the future and they do not form part of the Silverthorne Lane Conservation Area Character Appraisal consultation.

Managing flood risk in the Silverthorne Lane area.

St Philips Marsh (including Silverthorne Lane) is low lying and currently at risk of flooding.  The council has been working with the Environment Agency to develop the Bristol River Avon Flood Strategy designed to reduce flooding risk to various areas of the city including St Philips Marsh.  The flood strategy was consulted on in autumn 2020 and the final strategy will be presented to the council Cabinet for consideration in 2021.

Why your views matter

Bristol City Council values the specialist knowledge of local communities and interest groups in shaping this appraisal document.  

This public consultation follows a previous invitation to comment sent to organisations in the Silverthorne Lane area and the feedback is summarised in the draft document.

We are asking for people’s feedback on the draft character appraisal and conservation area proposal. The consultation will make sure that any features that are valued or are under threat, are properly considered, and that proposed boundaries extend to cover as much of local value as is justifiable. 

It is important to offer anyone with an interest in St Philips and the city’s industrial heritage an opportunity to contribute at various stages during the process, so that the document can be as accurate, engaging and empowering as possible should it be adopted.

What Happens Next

The Consultation will run for six weeks, until 19 February 2021.  Any comments or suggested revisions will then be considered, and the documents updated accordingly, before being submitted to the City’s Planning Committees for consideration.

How to get involved

Any comments, queries, and suggestions should be emailed to Bristol City Council’s Conservation team before 19 February 2021 at  or posted to:

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