Shirehampton Conservation Area Consultation

Closed 23 Nov 2020

Opened 12 Oct 2020


The last full review of the Shirehampton Conservation Area was conducted in 1993; reassessment of its special character and boundaries is overdue.  In 2006, English Heritage published Guidance on Conservation Area Appraisals detailing best practice on conducting an assessment of an area’s significance.  A Character Appraisal is intended to help to explain how a specific conservation area has evolved, and highlights the key features that define the area as it exists today. This understanding provides a basis to guide appropriate change, whilst respecting the historic legacy and unique sense of place of special areas. Ultimately it will help to deliver Local Plan policies, particularly around issues concerning local character and distinctiveness and the historic environment.

Producing a draft Character Appraisal for Shirehampton provided the opportunity to evaluate and record the heritage values of the existing Conservation Area, and also provided an opportunity to conduct a boundary review resulting in the proposed extension of the designated area. 

New areas now fall within the proposed boundary as being important to the visual and historic character of Shirehampton. The new areas being proposed are Passage Leaze, Springfield Avenue and around the Bristol Garden Suburb, Priory Road, Walton Road, Bradley Crescent, Bradley Avenue, and an extension to include much of Station Road to the south of the Public Hall.

The map below shows the existing Shirehampton Conservation Area boundaries (coloured in red) as well as the proposed boundaries (coloured in white with a red border).

The draft Shirehampton Conservation Area Character Appraisal, which is available to download from the bottom of this page, identifies the positive characteristics for all of the proposed character areas, along with an historic background to their development and any issues that make that character vulnerable to inappropriate changes.  The appraisal also identifies ‘negative features’ that stand out against the local character, and proposes how positive change can be effected through development management and community involvement.

Why your views matter

Bristol City Council values the specialist knowledge of local communities and interest groups in shaping the new Conservation Area. This public consultation follows an initial limited invitation to comment to local organisations and this feedback is summarised in the draft document. This current consultation is intended to ensure that features that are valued or are under threat, are properly considered, and that proposed boundaries extend to cover as much of local value as justifiable.  It is important to offer those with an interest in Shirehampton and the enlarged Conservation Area an opportunity to contribute at various stages during the process, so that the document can be as accurate, engaging and empowering as possible.

How to get involved

Any comments, queries, and suggestions should be emailed to Bristol City Council’s Conservation team before Monday 23 November 2020 at  or posted to:

Shirehampton Conservation Area Consultation

Conservation team

City Design Group

City Hall

PO Box 3399

Bristol City Council


What happens next

The Draft Character Appraisal for the Area has been compiled and we are now inviting feedback. A review of the Conservation Area boundaries has been undertaken and there is currently a proposal to extend the Conservation Area to include new areas of historic and architectural interest (listed above). The Consultation will run for six weeks, until Monday 23 November 2020.  Any comments or suggested revisions will then be considered, and the documents updated accordingly, before being submitted to the City’s Planning Committees for information, and finally going forward for final approval and adoption by Zoë Willcox, Director, Development of Place.


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