Draft St James' Parade Conservation Area Character Appraisal & Management Proposals

Closed 1 Mar 2011

Opened 1 Feb 2011

Results updated 18 Oct 2012

The first stage public consultation ran until 6th August 2010: a total of 22 written responses were received from members of the public.  A walkabout meeting was held with Susan Jotcham, Project Director of St James' Priory Project on 8th October 2010.  Members of the Kingsdown Conservation Group were also consulted.  The second public consultation period closed on 1st March 2011.  The Draft Character Appraisal was put to the Central Area Planning Committee on 13th March 2011 for information.  Following the second public consultation, there was found to be little public support for the proposed extension of the Conservation Area.  The Draft document was updated in the light of comments received, and the boundaries remain unchanged.



Assessment of the character and boundaries of the St James’ Parade Conservation Area is overdue.  The last review was conducted in 1993.  In 2006, English Heritage published Guidance on Conservation Area Appraisals detailing best practice on conducting specific assessment of an area’s significance.  Producing a Character Appraisal provided the opportunity to evaluate and record the special interest of the St James’ Parade Conservation Area, and how that significance is vulnerable.  It has also provided an opportunity to conduct a boundary review.  The draft character appraisal also identifies ‘negative features’; the management proposals outline aspirations to improve these through positive change.

Why your views matter

The consultation and adoption process for the document values the specialist knowledge of local communities and interest groups and is intended to ensure that features that are valued or are under threat, are properly considered.  It is important to offer those with an interest in the St James’s Parade Conservation Area an opportunity to contribute at various stages along the process, so that the document can be as useful and as accurate as possible.

What happens next

The Draft Character Appraisal for the Area has been compiled and we are now inviting feedback. A review of the Conservation Area boundaries has been undertaken and there is currently a proposal to extend the Conservation Area to include the area between Whitson Street, Lower Maudlin Street and Marlborough Street. The Consultation will run until 01 March 2011.  Any comments or suggested revisions will then be considered, and the documents updated accordingly, before being submitted to Central Area Planning Committee for information, and finally going forward for final approval and adoption by David Bishop, Strategic Director (City Development).


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