Traffic in Windmill Hill

Closed 23 Dec 2015

Opened 2 Dec 2015

Feedback expected 15 Jan 2016

Results updated 16 Feb 2016

Thank you to all those who took the opportunity to feedback on these proposals. There was a good response, and many have taken the opportunity to make their voice heard, and to contribute to their community.

The Highways Service has discussed the outcome of the recent informal public consultation with your local Ward Councillors, and it has been concluded that the current proposals to deter through traffic in the Windmill Hill area should be abandoned. We received a substantial amount of opposition to the proposed measures and, unfortunately, there is no other engineering solution which would address the problem of through traffic in the area without causing undue access difficulties for local residents. 

This situation leaves the Neighbourhood Partnership with some funding, which may be reserved for the possible introduction of alternative (non-engineering) measures that might help to reduce traffic speeds and through traffic in the area.  If local residents wish to propose and participate in the development of these measures, then we would welcome any suggestions, which can then be assessed. You are welcome to make suggestions by emailing us at with reference ‘RS12036’.

Another way to make suggestions is to come to the next Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Forum on Wednesday 9 March 2016, 7pm at the Community Centre, Victoria Park Baptist Church, Sylvia Ave, BS3 5DA. If you would like more information about the Neighbourhood Forum please contact Lloyd Allen, your local Neighbourhood Officer ( or see the website


Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Partnership have prioritised a local traffic scheme to deter through traffic from the Windmill Hill area.

The proposals have been developed to make it more difficult for motorists to drive through the area. This includes a banned right turn and a series of one-way roads.

Why your views matter

This consultation offers the opportunity for local residents to comment on the proposals and help shape the final design.

What happens next

We will carefully consider all the responses and seek to incorporate them, where possible in the scheme.


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