Draft Youth Strategy

Closed 4 Sep 2015

Opened 12 Jun 2015

Feedback Updated 4 Feb 2016

We Asked

We asked for comments to help the development of the document ‘Our Journey together: Strategic Priorities for young people’. We wanted to know whether the document would be useful to act as a guide for partner organisations working collaboratively.  We also wanted to know if the key priorities set out reflected the current needs of children and young people’s lives in Bristol. 


You Said

As a result of the consultation we had 15 organisations formally submit feedback on the document.  We also had a steering group made up of 12 active voluntary and statutory organisations working to provide feedback through their networks of professionals and children and young people.  Feedback on the document generally was positive with comments that it was an easy document to read, understand and put into practice through collaborative working.  Suggestions made during consultation were to the wording, and gaps in services not thought of or felt not enough emphasis on.  Examples were around more emphasis on local voluntary and community sector networks to deliver collaborative models, to have more focus on the needs of BME young people, and more emphasis on priorities such as mental health, obesity and bullying, not just cyber bullying. 

We Did

The steering group made changes to the document as a result of the feedback.  Examples of changes were to add more on exploring how the document can be used, more emphasis on BME young people, and linking more explicitly with the youth council’s priorities.  The final document will be launched on 26th January 2016.  Here, discussions will continue to encourage organisations to work together to use the document for their own organisation’s vision and collaborative working. 

Results Updated 4 Feb 2016



The draft document being consulted on has been produced by organisations working with children and young people in Bristol and based on consultation with young people from across the city. It sets out our aspirations and priorities for work with young people in the city in the next three years.

Why We Are Consulting

We are consulting on the draft to find out whether the document reflects the strategic priorities for young people in Bristol.

At the end of the consultation, the draft will be amended following comments made from the consultation to produce the final version of ‘Our Journey together: Strategic Priorities for young people.

We would like to receive comments on the draft document whether the strategy:

  • Acts as a guide for partner organisations working collaboratively and in focusing collectively on a small number of key priorities.
  • Addresses the aspects of children and young people’s lives that will help them with their journey to adulthood.
  • Has any gaps.


Please email your comments to Rachel Beatty at rachel.beatty@bristol.gov.uk


What Happens Next

When the consultation ends, the feedback will be considered and a final document produced. The final document will be used by organisations to help to understand the emerging issues facing young people in our growing city and to create an opportunity to provide leadership and a sense of direction for those involved in this sector.


  • Ashley
  • Bedminster
  • Bishopsworth
  • Brislington East
  • Brislington West
  • Clifton
  • Cotham
  • Easton
  • Eastville
  • Filwood
  • Frome Vale
  • Hillfields
  • Horfield
  • Knowle
  • Lawrence Hill
  • Lockleaze
  • Redland
  • Southmead
  • Southville
  • St George West
  • Stockwood
  • Stoke Bishop
  • Windmill Hill


  • Children / Young People
  • Expert Stakeholders
  • Parents, carers and guardians
  • Community & Voluntary organisations


  • Children and young people
  • Voluntary sector