Airport Road Shared Use Footway

Closed 29 Dec 2015

Opened 1 Dec 2015

Results expected 25 Jan 2016

Feedback expected 25 Jan 2016


Funding has been secured from the Local Growth Fund to enable the provision of a 4m shared use path on Airport Road.

The proposed scheme on Airport Road will extend from the Creswicke Road
junction to the Wells Road junction and connect to existing facilities.

The proposals involve the widening the existing footpath into the highway verge to create a 4m wide shared use path. We will also seek to formalise parking, plant trees and improve the drainage.

Why your views matter

To seek local residents' comments and suggestions regarding the proposals.

What happens next

The results of this consultation will be used to develop a final design.


  • Filwood
  • Knowle


  • All residents


  • Environment
  • Traffic and transportation