Sex Establishments Policy consultation 2021

Closed 19 Dec 2021

Opened 28 Sep 2021


Sex establishments include sex shops, sexual entertainment venues, and sex cinemas. You can find more information about what these are here. The number and type of sex establishments permitted in various parts of Bristol are defined in a Sex Establishment Policy.

The current policy in Bristol allows a set number of sex establishments in three areas. These are as follows:

  • City Centre – 2 Sexual Entertainment venues, 2 sex shops, 0 sex cinemas
  • Old Market – 1 Sexual Entertainment venues , 2 sex shops, 0 sex cinemas
  • Bishopston/Redland/Cotham/Ashley – 0 Sexual Entertainment venues , 0 sex shops, 0 sex cinemas

previous consultation on the Sex Establishment Policy in 2019 proposed maintaining these numbers of establishments, and updating the policy to remove irrelevant sections, and add some additional wording (click here for a summary of the changes).

Following the earlier consultation, we are consulting on an amended draft Sex Establishment policy. The new draft policy proposes the same changes to wording, and also that the appropriate numbers of SEVs in the three areas would be zero instead of the numbers currently permitted under the policy. If the council adopts this policy, and applies it without departing from it, then the impact would be that the two currently licensed venues are unlikely to have their licences renewed.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on the proposal of having no sexual entertainment venues in the City Centre, and Old Market/West Street areas. This is not to say that the council has predetermined the new policy which will be implemented moving forward, neither has it predetermined the outcome of any future applications for renewal of any current sexual entertainment venue licences which will be considered on their own merits at the time of hearing. Whatever the future policy implemented is, departures from it are legally permitted in certain circumstances.

What happens next?

This consultation closes on Sunday 19 December 2021. After it has closed, we will carefully consider all the responses to help us make a decision.

The responses from this consultation will be included in a report to the Licencing Committee. A final decision on the number of SEVs will be made by the Licencing Committee in 2022 when they have considered the responses.


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