Budget 2022-2023 Consultation

Closed 17 Dec 2021

Opened 5 Nov 2021

Feedback updated 10 Jan 2022

We asked

The consultation on the council’s 2022/23 budget was open for six weeks from 5 November 2021 until 17 December 2021. Individual responses were received via the survey and additional responses were received from organisations and individuals via email.

More information about what we consulted on is available in the consultation survey.

You said

We received 1,304 responses to the Budget consultation 2022/23, the results of which are available in the Budget 2022/23 consultation report.

Increase in Core Council Tax 2022/23

A majority (842 respondents, 65%) favour an increase in core Council Tax to support general services in 2022/23*. Of these:

  • 582 (45% of all 1,304 respondents) favour a 1.99% increase;
  • 260 (20%) favour a 1% increase;
  • 444 (34%) would prefer no increase to core Council Tax and;
  • 18 (1%) did not give a view.

Increase in Adult Social Care Precept in 2022/23

A majority (740 respondents, 57%) of respondents favour an additional 1% Adult Social Care Precept (on top of core Council Tax) to support the delivery of adult social care.**

539 (41%) respondents would prefer no increase to Social Care Precept in 2022/23.

25 (2%) did not give a view on Social Care Precept.

Six proposed approaches to saving money and generating income

1,281 (98%) of the survey respondents gave their views on one or more of the of six money saving and income generating approaches that are proposed to bridge the forecast budget gap in 2022/23. Of these:

  • 95% agreed with the proposal to improve efficiency;
  • 90% agreed with the proposal for digital transformation;
  • 87% agreed with the proposal for propery and capital investment;
  • 78% agreed with the proposal to be more business-like and secure more external resources;
  • 65% agreed with reducing the need for direct services;
  • 51% agreed with redesigning, reducing or stopping services. 

*1.99% is the maximum amount the council can raise Council Tax in 2022/23 without holding a local referendum. This limit is set by government. 

** The council is allowed to add a Social Care Precept of up to 1% to Council Tax in 2022/23. This is in addition to the permitted increase of up to 1.99% for core Council Tax.

We did

The decision will be taken at Full Council on 15 February 2022.


Every February, the council sets a budget for the next year which details how much money we will be able to spend on each of the services the council provides.

We are consulting on options for the level of Council Tax next year (from April 2022-March 2023) to help cover some of the existing and emerging financial pressures the council faces in delivering services.

The options range from making no change to a 1.99% increase in the amount you pay for general council services plus a further option to add up to 1% more towards the cost of adult social care. (This extra amount for adult social care is referred to by the government as an Adult Social Care Precept).

We want your views on the level of increase we should apply next year.

You can request alternative formats of this consultation by contacting the Consultation and Engagement Team on consultation@bristol.gov.uk or by calling 0117 922 2848. An interactive easy read version is available to download below, please return this to consultation@bristol.gov.uk.

It is also available in British Sign Language.

You can also download a printable version of the consultation below, please return to Consultation and Engagement Team (CH), Bristol City Council, PO BOX 3399, Bristol, BS1 9NE.


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