Sensory Support Service for Children and Young People with a Sensory Impairment

Closed 31 Jul 2018

Opened 20 Jun 2018

Results expected 20 Dec 2018

Feedback expected 20 Dec 2018


The four local authorities who jointly commission the Sensory Support Service (Bath and North-East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire) are working to redesign the service. the views of everyone who uses or has used or who has a interest in the service are very important. These will help the commissioners to develop the most effective and efficient new service.

The Sensory Support Service provides different types of support to different children and young people. We would appreciate your comments on what you think has worked well and why, what has not worked well and why, and any suggestions you wish to make about what could be improved or made more efficient.

Why your views matter

The aim of the consultation is to gather the views of the children and young people who have or currently use the Sensory Support Service. The questions ask what parts of the service have been or are used, what your experiences of the services are, and what you believe are the priorities for the service in the future.


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