Childcare Sufficiency Assessment – Parental Questionnaire

Closed 14 Dec 2018

Opened 9 Nov 2018


The Childcare Act 2006 and the statutory guidance Early Education and Childcare Guidance for local authorities requires local authorities to assess the sufficiency of childcare in their local authority area at least every three years.

‘Sufficient childcare’ means childcare that meets the needs of parents in the area who need childcare so that they can take up or remain in work and/or undertake education or training which will help them to get work.

Information provided by parents/carers who use childcare in the Bristol area, and information provided by Bristol childcare providers is used to compare the supply of childcare to the demand for childcare.  Demand for childcare is based on the number of children in the area, and the average national usage.  From this comparison, we can determine whether there is a requirement for more childcare in an area.

Note that you don’t have to live in Bristol to complete the survey - many people work in the city but live outside the city – if you’re one of these people and use childcare in Bristol then you should complete this survey too.

The results will be available early in 2019 and published on the Bristol City Council website.


  • All Areas


  • Children / Young People
  • Parents, carers and guardians


  • Children and young people