Advocacy and HealthWatch Commissioning consultation

Closed 19 Nov 2018

Opened 27 Aug 2018

Feedback updated 20 Dec 2018

We asked

The commissioning intentions were laid out to the providers and public and as a part of the consultation five questions were asked within it. An open question was asked to allow for an opportunity to demonstrate and concern or agreement that may not have previously been captured. The consultation focused on collecting feedback on these questions. Feedback was analysed using the following methods.

1. Consultation questionnaire – the questionnaire asked for peoples comments’ on the questions within the strategy. To view the consultation questionnaire, see Appendix A.
2. Consultation events- the events asked for people’s responses to the consultation questions.
3. Emails from providers who have expressed an interest in tendering for this provision
4. 1:1 Interviews and Group sessions with people of lived experience of advocacy

You said

We received 65 responses to the consultation survey, the results of which are available in the Advocacy and Healthwatch Commissioning consultation report.

We did

Stage 1
We will publish the final Advocacy and HealthWatch Commissioning plan after Cabinet in February. This will set out the new model for commissioning services.

Stage 2
We plan to launch the formal tender process. It is envisaged this will be in Quarter 1 2019.

Results updated 17 Dec 2018



Bristol has a range of formal and informal advocacy services delivered across the city. These advocacy services help citizens say what they want from services such as adult care & support, children's services and health and mental health services and it helps influence how these services are delivered to meet citizen's needs.

Advocacy services are due to be recommissioned for the period April 2019 to March 2024. The  proposed Commissioning Plan for recommissioning Advocacy services sets out Bristol City Council's (BCC) requirements and expectations of providers relating to this commissioning process. The audience for this paper includes general public, stakeholders, and potential bidders to deliver the service. 

We’ll be working consulting with individuals, groups and organisations that are involved with Advocacy and HealthWatch services in Bristol to seek their views on the best options going forward.

The specific services included in this round of recommissioning are:

•Local HealthWatch

•NHS and Social Care & Complaints Procedure Advocacy (IHCCAS)

•Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)

•Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA)

•Independent Care Act Advocacy (ICAA)

•Care Management Advocacy Project (CMAP)

•BME Advocacy

•Outreach Advocacy

•In-patient Advocacy

Why your views matter

This consultation asks for your views on the proposed Commissioning Plan for recommissioning Advocacy services and your feedback on existing advocacy services. Please refer to  the proposed Commissioning Plan for recommissioning Advocacy services document before completing the survey questions below

What happens next

As an interim update to the proposed procurement plans we would like to brief stakeholders as follows:

  1. We will publish a full Consultation Report during December 2018.
  2. This report will include actions arising from the consultation e.g. proposed approaches to Advocacy and HealthWatch procurement based on feedback we have received.
  3. A revised timeline for procurement.
  4. We would like current and interested providers to know that as a result of the findings we intend to seek waivers for all services until 30tH September 2019.
  5. This is likely to postpone the actual procurement until Quarter 1 2019.


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