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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

Between 16th October and 10th November 2017 Bristol City Council consulted on a proposed change in speed limit on Bedminster Road outside of Parson Street School.  The main aspects proposed were:

  • changing the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph along a stretch of Bedminster Road,
  • implementing posts on the pavement at the point of the speed limit change, and
  • putting new speed limit signs on the posts to indicate the change in speed limit.

During the 4 week consultation, letters were sent to all surrounding households and emails were sent to Council Members and other stakeholders such as the school and PTA representatives.

You Said

Responses were gathered through an email address or phone number. The proposed consultation received 20 responses, via the email box from members of the public. We also received responses from the ward councillors, school and the PTA. Over 75% of the responses received were supportive and no changes to the specifics of the scheme were requested. Of those that opposed the change in speed limit the main request was to have a limited 20mph speed limit during school times.

We Did

As the majority of responses from the public and stakeholders were supportive of the scheme, it will now enter the detailed design stage. Once this is complete the Traffic Regulation Order stage will begin which will include the formal consultation stage.

We Asked

Between 31st July 2017 and the 25th September 2017 Bristol City Council consulted on its plans to change the way it funds Voice and Influence services for protected characteristic communities in Bristol. There were three main changes to the current service;

  • A change from grant funding to a commissioned contract.
  • The inclusion of socially and economic disadvantage communities to the scope of the contract.
  • To have a contract to one organisation rather than a number of forums.

During the 8-week consultation, an event was held that was attended by members of the public, service providers, Council Members and other stakeholders. Officers also attended different meetings, on request, with protected characteristic groups to discuss the draft commissioning plan, the needs assessment and the consultation questions.

You Said

Responses were gathered through an online survey, which could be completed anonymously if preferred.

The survey received 63 responses, using the consultation hub website. We also received 9 responses using email from voluntary sector organisations, and one ward councillor.


We Did

This document describes the comments made during consultation and the Council’s response to them. Where a recommendation has changed because of feedback, this is incorporated in the final commissioning plan. Where feedback has resulted in no changes, the reasons are described.

We Asked

Between 16th June and 8th September 2017 we asked for comments and feedback on the draft Bristol Playing Pitch Strategy.  The strategy included helping to protect and enhance existing provision; informing the assessment of planning applications and proposed developments; ensuring the most efficient and cost effective management and maintenance of pitch provision; helping to prioritise deliverable projects; ensuring a ‘strategic approach’ to getting the right facilities in the right places and attracting investment from relevant partners.

You Said

We had 125 responses of which 17 were completed surveys.  Of the completed surveys, the majority were completed by sports clubs with over 90% of all responses agreeing with the contents of each section of the strategy.  Various individual comments were made on the strategy document but none of these comments were recurring themes.

We Did

The draft strategy and background information has been updated to reflect any inaccuracies identified.  The NGBs and Sport England have “signed off” the draft strategy and it is in line to be adopted by the city council at a cabinet meeting on 4th December 2017. 

All comments received in the consultation process will be responded to individually where contact information was given.  The Bristol Playing Pitch Strategy action plans will now be implemented.  It represents an ongoing work area and further comments and input are welcomed at any stage through contacting or