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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Below are some of the issues we have recently consulted on and their outcomes.

Proposals for a new approach to voluntary and community sector grants

We Asked:

We asked voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations what they thought about our co-designed proposals for a new approach to grant funding.

You Said:

We asked a local VCS organisation, Voscur, to help us to consult with over 150 VCS organisations and they did this through existing events, organising specific consultation events and organising a discussion programme about our proposals on Ujima radio.  We also held a number of events specifically for equalities-led organisations and ran a survey.  In total we talked to and received feedback from 225 people who were from over 170 VCS organisations (as well as from individuals and people from statutory organisations).  There was positive broad support for the proposals but people told us how the details could be improved and what their concerns were.  Voscur wrote a report with their headline findings.

We Did:

We collated all the feedback from Voscur, our own consultation sessions, the survey and from letters and telephone calls.  We shared this feedback with the Prospectus co-design working group in March and we used it to shape our design of the final VCS Grants Prospectus.  We had two co-design working group meetings to talk about the consultation feedback and the changes that we needed to make.  The last co-design working group meeting was in May and since then the council has worked to make those changes and write the final prospectus.

We have made many changes as a result of the consultation and these are the main ones:

  • People liked our aim to reduce disadvantage but some people seemed confused about our aims and values.  We have now agreed three impacts for the fund: reducing disadvantage and inequality, improving health and wellbeing, increasing resilience.
  • People thought the values were too aspirational, were not clear enough and were not really values.  We have revisited our approach and have now agreed four clear ‘ways of working’ for organisations funded through the prospectus pooled grant.
  • People thought some of the 7 challenges were very prescriptive, some were very loose and people suggested more and different challenges.  We have decided to focus the prospectus on 5 challenges which are broad and interlinked.
  • We asked people what grant cycles would work best in a four-year prospectus and how we could make savings if needed.  As a result we have decided to offer 2-year small grants so that we can respond flexibly to changing or new need and 4-year medium and large grants.  We will be introducing tapers in years 3 and 4 for the medium and large grants.

School Admission Arrangements for 2017/18 School Year

We Asked:

Consultation was undertaken on the admission arrangements for schools for September 2017.

The proposed arrangements for community and controlled schools were unchanged from those currently being used.

You Said:

Responses received supported the proposed arrangements.

Where responses related to individual schools that are their own admission authority, these were passed to the school and considered prior to determination.

We Did:

The admission arrangements for Bristol community and controlled schools for the 2017/18 school year have now been determined by the Local Authority. Details are available on the School Admissions pages of Bristol City Council website.

Admission arrangements for academies (including free schools), foundation schools and voluntary aided schools have been determined by the appropriate governing body or trust. Details are available on individual school websites and/or the Bristol City Council website.

Private Hire Vehicle Plate Exemption Policy

We Asked:

A number of streets in the central area have been historically designated as prohibited for street trading purposes. In light of recent initiatives such as ‘Make Sunday Special’ this restriction has prevented street trading taking place as part of these events. We proposed that the majority of existing “prohibited streets” be re-designated as streets where trading could take place through the issuing of street trading consents, with the exception of streets identified within the Broadmead area of the city.

As part of the statutory consultation process, publication of a Notice was circulated in a local newspaper advertisement, advising of the council’s intention. In addition, to bring the statutory process to the attention of a wider audience, a briefing note was provided to all Neighbourhood Partnerships for information and consultation details were made available on the council’s website via the Consultation hub.

You Said:

Four members of the public (including a representative from Destination Bristol) responded to the consultation and a further two members of the public responded after the consultation period had closed.

Destination Bristol responded in support of the proposal to maintain some prohibited streets in the Broadmead area. One respondent commented that they had concerns about street trading on the St Michaels Hill and Christmas Steps areas. The two other respondents welcomed the changes and felt that particular areas (Stapleton Road and Lawrence Hill roundabout) would benefit from an increase in street trading.

Both of the late respondents felt that the changes were positive and hoped that they would promote street vendors.

We Did:

At a meeting of the Public Safety and Protection Committee on 14th July 2015, changes to the designations of a number of streets in the Council's area were approved. The changes came into effect on 1st September 2015. The effect of the changes is that all streets previously listed as prohibited streets, with a number of exceptions, are now classed as consent streets and applications may be submitted for them. A list of streets which remain prohibited can be found in the guidance for applicants in the related documents section on the website, here.

During the consultation process, we ask for your feedback, you tell us and then we make positive changes. Public participation is key to our work. See what happens with We Asked, You Said, We Did.