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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

The consultation on the council’s proposal to introduce a new HMO licensing scheme in 12 central wards of Bristol was open for 12 weeks from 19 February 2018 until 13 May 2018. This consultation is now closed.

The consultation sought feedback from the public (including tenants, landlords and other citizens) on the licensing proposals, including the cost of a licence and various discounts, and asked for information about respondents’ experiences of renting or living near Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

You can see the consultation information booklet and map through the links below:

Information Booklet


You Said

We received nearly 2,750 responses to the consultation survey, the results of which are available in the Consultation on proposal for an additional licensing scheme for houses in multiple occupation 2018 report.

We Did


We Asked

The Local Authority has a statutory responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient good quality childcare in the area.  Consultation on the draft plan for the recommissioning of the Childcare Development and Sustainability Service was carried out during the 15th January 2018 to 11th March 2018. 

You Said

We received 135 responses.  Please see the attached link for further details.

We Did

Following consultation, the Childcare Development and Sustainability Service received Cabinet approval on the 3rd July 2018 and went through a competitive tender process in 10 July 2018.  This service will commence on the 1 January 2019 with a maximum annual cost of £305,000.

Please see item No 10 from this link

We Asked

Between 28th November 2017 and 20th February 2018 we asked for comments and feedback on the draft Bristol Sport & Active Recreation Facility Strategy.  The benefits of having a Sport & Active Recreation Facility Strategy include helping to protect and enhance existing provision; informing the assessment of planning applications and proposed developments; helping to prioritise deliverable projects; ensuring a ‘strategic approach’ to getting the right facilities in the right places; helping to address inequalities in levels of provision across the city and attracting investment from relevant partners.

The public consultation had the following features:

  • Online survey designed so people could comment on the facilities most relevant to them, without having to complete pages of information.
  • Online survey publicised through extensive list of council equality group contacts.
  • Online survey publicised extensively through council and partner communication channels.
  • Paper versions of survey distributed at several council leisure facilities.
  • Three month consultation period designed to ensure maximum opportunity for third sector organisations and individual members of the public to respond.

You Said

A total of 461 responses were received with the majority choosing not to answer the questions on the overall strategy document, instead choosing to respond to specific facility issues.

With the responses on specific facilities the largest number were made on swimming pool provision.  Of the swimming pool responses, 162 made comments specifically referring to Jubilee swimming pool.  A further 54 made comments referring to swimming in general. 

The other highest responses were on sports halls and cycling facilities/wheels parks.  Both of these facility types figure prominently in the draft strategy and comments made were generally supportive of the proposals.

We Did

The draft strategy and supporting information has been updated to reflect any inaccuracies identified.

A consultation report which summarises all the feedback has been prepared.  Respondents who requested feedback by submitting an email address will receive this report directly. It can also be requested by emailing or by downloading it at the bottom of this webpage.

Responses from the public consultation do not significantly affect the proposals related to major facilities or other actions and opportunities identified in the draft strategy.  The issue of swimming pool provision is well documented in the city and the responses/information gained through the consultation will be added to the large amount of information on the topic already gathered.  There is also a swimming specific report prepared which will be circulated alongside the main summary report to those respondents who requested feedback.  Again, this report is available on request to anyone else from or by downloading it at the bottom of this webpage.

The overall direction of the strategy remains unchanged.  As a result of public consultation the narrative in some parts of the document has been amended to reflect more accurately the current position.